Govt.College Seema(Rohru)


Old Students’ Association (OSA) at Government College Seema, Rohru

The Old Students’ Association (OSA), also known as the Alumni Association, plays a significant role in fostering connections among former students of Government College Seema. Here are some key points about the OSA:

Location and Scenic Beauty:

  • Government College Seema is nestled in the picturesque Chanshal Valley near Rohru, Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by snow-capped Himalayas and dense pine forests, it offers an ideal environment for higher studies.
  • The serene atmosphere and majestic views make it an excellent destination for academic pursuits.
Purpose and Objectives:
  • The OSA aims to create a strong network of former students who can contribute to the college’s growth and development.
  • It serves as a platform for alumni to stay connected, share experiences, and collaborate on various initiatives.
  • Through the OSA, graduates can give back to their alma mater by supporting academic programs, mentoring current students, and participating in college events.
Activities and Initiatives:
  • Record of Achievements: The OSA maintains a document that records the achievements and progress of all its old students. This helps celebrate their accomplishments and inspires current students.
  • Networking Events: The association organizes networking events, reunions, and gatherings where alumni can reconnect, exchange ideas, and reminisce about their college days.
  • Support for Students: OSA members often provide guidance, career advice, and mentorship to current students. They may also offer scholarships or financial assistance to deserving students.
  • Collaboration with the College: The OSA collaborates with the college administration, faculty, and students to enhance educational experiences and contribute to institutional development.
  • In summary, the Old Students’ Association at Government College Seema (Rohru) serves as a bridge between past and present students, fostering a sense of community and pride. Alumni continue to contribute to the college’s legacy, ensuring that their alma mater thrives.
Following members are elected in Old Student Association unanimously for three years for sessions 2018-19 to 2020-21.
Coordinator -------------------------Mr. Surender Raitka
Chief Advisor -------------------------Mr. Sanjeev Chauhan
Advisor -------------------------------Mr. Jitender Negi
President ----------------------------Mr. Narender Chauhan
Sr. Vice President -------------------Mr. Sanjeev Chauhan
Vice President -----------------------Mr. Praveen Chauhan
Gen. Secretary ----------------------Mr. Digvijay Chauhan
Joint Secretary ----------------------Mr. Vijay Chauhan
Treasurer ----------------------------Mr. Sujay Aggarwal
Social Media Coordinator ---------Mr. Narender Pal
OSA Registration Form