OSA (Old Student Association)
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The curriculum teaches and educates the students about academic theories while co-curricular activities help the students to apply what they have learnt to practice in their practical life. The college organizes various sports and co-curricular activities to promote physical fitness and mental toughness in the students, widen their mental horizon and to provide them opportunities for their all-round personality development. Debate/Declamation, Group discussions, Quiz Contests and such other activities are organized from time to time to sharpen the minds of the students and inculcate competitive spirit in them. The sport is an integral part of academics. It helps the students to understand the significance of discipline and competition. Moreover, the sport builds up the personality of sportsperson. In this college, the students have ample of opportunities to participate in many games such as Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Football, Table Tennis, Chess, Athletics etc. Sports Committee conducts trials to select teams for participation in inter-college sports competitions. Every year, the college organizes “Annual Athletic Meet” in the month of October/November. The panel of winners is selected to participate in the H.P. University sports events.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college was established in the year 2007 and it is actively functioning with the thrust on academic, co-academic and administrative excellence and to prepare the college to meet new challenges and to bring it at par with the best institutions in its class. The main task of IQAC is quality assurance, planning and monitoring the projects undertaken. Since the quality management is a continuous process, the IQAC has been made an integral part of the institution for quality improvement and sustenance. The prime task of IQAC is to develop a system of conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the college. IQAC has been taking and evolving several novel initiatives to take the college nearer to its goals and objective, focusing mainly on the core values identified by NAAC. The IQAC has made significant and meaningful contribution in post accreditation phase of the college and is also helping in achieving academic and co-academic excellence. The academic quality of the institution is maintained by improving and regulating teaching and learning processes. The administrative quality is maintained by the effective action and regulation carried out through various committees. The academic quality of the institution is maintained and evaluated on the basis of the curricular aspect, especially the performance of the students in their examination, tests, assignments and their regularity in the class rooms. The administrative system also looks after the quality education and administration in the institution. The different committees set up by the institution are always aware of the administrative needs. The Advisory Committee and other important committees are constituted for the purpose and are well equipped for quality assurance of the administration of the institution.The IQAC makes a significant and meaningful contribution in the quality improvement of the academic standards of the Institution.

In order to ensure the all-round development of students, several clubs, societies and associations are established in the college some of which are performing extremely well. The students will be encouraged to join one or more than one of these Clubs/Societies/Associations. The students will realize it over a period of time how deeply their personalities have been impacted on account of their involvement with them. Many interesting and useful activities are undertaken under the auspices of the following clubs/societies/associations: Each department has its own society which initiates and undertakes various activities which help in overall personality development of the students

  1. Sahitya Parishad
  2. The Little Theatre
  3. Nature Club
  4. The Planning Forum
  5. Economic forum
  6. The English Litrary Society
  7. The History Society
  8. The Political Science and Public Administration Association
  9. The Physics Association
  10. The Chemistry Association ( CHEMICOS)
  11. The Botany Association
  12. The  Zoology Association
  13. The Mathematics Association
  14. The Young Artist Club
  15. The Young Thinkers & Vibrant Speakers Club
  16. The English Literary Society
  17. Photography Club
  18.  Scientific Temper & Science Popularization Club
  19. ICT Club
  20. Red Ribbon cum Health& Counseling Club
  21. Music Club
  22. Pabber Valley Adventuro-Eco- Cultural Club
  23. Young Journalists Club
  24. Sports Club
  25. Geographers Club
  26. Young mathematicians Club
  27.  Entrepreneurs Club
  28.  Historians  Society
  29. Young Sociologists Association
  30. Young Biologists Association
  31. Young Readers Club
  32. Social Network Club
  33. Yoga and Spiritualism Club


Research and innovation is the driving force which keeps an institution growing. The teaching staffs of the college are actively involved in research activities based on the local aspects, issues and themes. In order to promote and practice research and innovations in the college and also to develop problem solving and research aptitude amongst students so as to build suitable research environment, all the departments of the college are undertaking at least one theme or area for research. Students of the department are involved for the studies. Departments are free to take any of the topics of their choice but the topics are related to the local area concerned to our daily life.

It is planned that Seminars [institutional and departmental], Group Discussions, Round Tables and various other orientations and improvement programmes for faculty and students will be organized on a fortnightly basis in the current session. This will expose the students and staff to serious intellectual stuff. In the early phase teachers will give demonstration and make presentations, but the focus will ultimately shift to the students. It will help them immensely and prepare them well in advance for facing interviews later in life.

At present the College has two units of NSS, with sanctioned strength of 200 volunteers, but students of the college are so enthusiastic that total enrolment always exceeds the maximum limit. This year college intends to start one more NSS Unit on self financed scheme basis. NSS helps youths to channelize their energies and capabilities towards nation building activities by organizing them into volunteer groups. National Service Scheme (NSS) plays a vital role in the personality development of the students and engages them in the upliftment of the society. It provides them with an opportunity to devote their time to the service of the nation and gives them a sense of participation in national reconstruction. It aims to inculcate in them social responsibility by providing creative outlet for their energies through National Service Scheme. The National Service Scheme cell of the College is providing valuable services under the able guidance of the Programme Officers Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma and Dr.Umesh Narta. The regular and special camp activities under NSS are being conducted in the college campus and off the campus are the real treat and lifetime experience for the volunteers. The NSS volunteers involve themselves in various programmes. To get the NSS Certificate a volunteer needs to devote 240 hours of service and participation in Annual Special Camp. The interested students may join the NSS after obtaining forms from the programming officers, during the month of July.

The National Cadet Corps is a very important organization of our armed forces which instills the spirit of discipline, confidence and patriotism in the students.A senior division Unit of NCC comprising of 50 Cadets which was sanctioned for the College during 2004 is nicely functioning. Students can enrol themselves in NCC and take part in all NCC activities throughout the year. The N.C.C. provides various types of training/adventure activities. 'C' certificate holders are given 2% weight age in marks while seeking admission to post graduate classes and are also exempted from written exam for entry1to Armed Forces as commissioned officers. First year students of BA/B.Sc./B.Com. who have attained 16½ yrs of age are eligible to join N.C.C. The cadets are eligible to appear in B certificate examination only after one year of continuous training and at least one camp. For appearing in 'C' certificate examination students must have put in 2 years of continuous training, passed B certificate examination and have attended at least 2 camps.
Note: Students seeking admission to N.C.C. can have application forms from NCC in charge in the NCC Office.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race and creed in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by the founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907. The purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of local, national and international communities. The College has presently one unit of Rovers for boys and one unit of Rangers for girls with strength 24 students in each unit. The interested students may join the Bharat Scouts and Guides after obtaining the forms from the in charges/Leaders during the month of July.  

The college publishes its own magazine “Moral Dand” which embodies the intellectual and literary aspirations of young and budding writers.  It presents articles on diverse topics and the students strive within magazine pages to upload the long term goals and mission of this college, and to inspire and educate the readers about issues and ideas that matter to them.

To encourage students' participation in maintaining proper academic atmosphere and in organizing cultural activities etc., and to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership and discipline and the spirit of service among students, the Nomination based Students' Central Association is constituted as per the schedule announced by H.P. University every year. Nominations are based on pure merits in academics as well as extra-ordinary achievements in the field of extracurricular and extension activities

To encourage community participation in education, Parents-Teachers Association has been established. It helps in better coordination and interaction between parents and teachers for improvement in academic standards and infrastructural facilities. Parents, guardians (who are in blood relation of the students), teachers and head of the institution are members of this association. Parents are advised to attend the meeting of the General House scheduled for July so that they may make meaningful contribution to the development of the college.
To develop a sense of belongingness to the Alma matter and maintain connectivity with our ex- students and to ensure their constructive role in developing vibrant academic environment in the college, OSA was formally formed during July 2006. OSA is a non political, nonprofit making body which has become integral part of the college. Efforts are being made to widen its scope and make it more meaningful and purposeful. Efforts shall be made during the current session to expand the base of OSA and bring under its fold all ex-students of the college and prepare a computerized database to keep a systematic record of college Alumni. All ex students of the college are requested to co-operate and contact the Principal or OSA cell in this regard.
The college is committed to continually improving the quality of its services and the introduction of the Student Charter is one of the ways of outlining that commitment. In order to fulfil creative and professional potential of students they need to know what to expect from college – and what the college expects from them.   The quality of the services that we believe students are entitled to be balanced with responsibilities placed on them. The Student Charter is jointly developed by the members of advisory council of the college, members of IQAC, PTA members, students, and the CSCA. The purpose of the Student Charter of this college is to help students understand what it means to be a student member of the Govt.College Seema community. The aim of The Student Charter is to encourage active partnership between Govt.College Seema and its students in learning and teaching, professional practice and life of the college community.  The Charter will be reviewed and updated each year [for detailed information refer to the Student Charter Document of the college]

Annual Prize Distribution Function is organized in the month of March/April every year in which meritorious students, outstanding sportspersons and other achievers from different fields are awarded with prizes. Eminent persons are invited to honour the students and this gives them an added reason to excel in their respective fields. A complete report of various activities, achievements and other developments of the college are presented on the auspicious occasion of the function. Some Special Prizes like Pride of the college, Pride of Various Departments, Best Speaker of the college etc. are instituted in the college to motivate and inspire the outstanding achievers of the college. Large number of prizes is sponsored by some responsible organizations and individuals in order to encourage the young talents and achievers of the college.

To provide career oriented information and placement, to promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes and to provide ample opportunities to the students for upgrading their skills, a career guidance and counselling and placement cell has been established in the college( As per letter No. EDN-H (21) A (1)-1/2011 of Directorate of Higher Education H.P.). The cell helps the students and trains them in all aspects of modern development and also sharpens their communicative skills and confidence. This cell conducts special personality development classes for the students and also provides all the relevant information about admissions and careers to be chosen by them. Interested students may contact the members of the career guidance, counselling and placement cell and get themselves registered as its members for better future prospects and careers. This cell is also a platform in the college to address the problems of the students for providing guidance about career and counselling from time to time.Following are some of the functions of the cell:
Pre-admission guideline and counselling.
Self assessment of the students and raising the level of inherent capability.
Development of communication skills and soft skills.
Guidance/awareness about opportunities for higher education/competitive exams and jobs.
Placement opportunities.

The college has established Rapid Action & Disaster Management Cell with a vision to prepare a group of volunteers who can reach out to the tragedy/natural calamity affected people at the earliest so as to provide them immediate relief in tandem with NGOs and local administration.
Members of this club are imparted special training by different departments in fire fighting, traffic controlling, rescue work, providing first aid etc. NSS Volunteers, NCC Cadets, Rangers & Rovers and other students are advised to take part in the activities of the cell.
The term “Student Grievance” refers to the grievance at the individual level, which has occurred because of some oversight on the part of the college or its employees, students, etc., which lead to some discontent or dissatisfaction on the part of student(s).The formation of student’s Grievance Cell is to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced environment if students are facing any infringement of their rights. It is a measure to develop responsive and accountable attitude among college officials to ensure that, there is no laxity in terms of fair deal with the students. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.
Redressal of Students’ Grievance to solve their academic, administrative and other problems.
To co-ordinate between students and Departments/Sections to redress the grievances.
To guide ways and means to the students to redress their problems

The term “Parent Grievance” refers to the grievance at the individual level, which has occurred because of some oversight on the part of the college or its employees, students, etc., which lead to some discontent or dissatisfaction on the part of Parents. The formation of Parent’s Grievance Cell is to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced environment if Employees are facing any infringement of their rights. It is a measure to develop responsive and accountable attitude among college officials to ensure that, there is no laxity in terms of fair deal with the Parents. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.

The role of the teachers is crucial in guiding and counselling of the students. It starts right from the time of admission and initial interaction in the class to find out their problems, tastes, hobbies and strengths and also guiding them in realizing their dreams and goals. Teachers play key role in shaping the careers and lives of students. College is planning to further strengthen the tutorial system from this academic session. The tutors look after the general and special needs of the weak and talented students assigned to them and provide counselling accordingly.
In our College, we have an IGNOU study centre, which is providing education to near about hundreds of students. Presently the centre is running 19 programmes/courses. For more details interested candidates may contact the Co-ordinator, IGNOU Study Centre,GC Seema.
The college also provide courses in Computer Application from the academic session 2009-10, Bachelor of business administration and Post graduate diploma in computer application from academic session 2012 -13.Those candidates who intends to get admission in these courses should purchase a separate prospectus from the college office.

Govt. P.G.College Seema is perhaps the 1st college in the state of Himachal to implement the dress code for students. It is mandatory for the students to wear coats/hoods on every Monday and on all college functions and put college badge on their dress every day. The students of B.A, B. Sc. and B. Com. will wear blue coats and those of BCA, PGDCA will wear black coats. This unique feature includes a sense of discipline, responsibility and dignity amongst the students. It is also interesting that the teaching staffs also maintain the Dress code.

       The College has taken a new initiative to look after the needy, deserving and economically poor students and will arrange them lump sum grants in kind or cash from the welfare fund for economically poor students. The fund comprises of grants from various individuals, teachers and organizations. All the bonafide students of the college irrespective of their class will be beneficiary of the fund. A committee will be constituted for recommending the names of the students and deciding the amount of the grant. 

A number of scholarships and concessions are available to the eligible and deserving students. Information regarding the dates, eligibility conditions and the procedure for applying for these scholarships/concessions etc. is notified on the College Notice Board from time to time. The students may apply for these scholarships/concessions on the prescribed forms that can be obtained from College Office. The application should be duly attested /verified by the competent authority and should be accompanied by the relevant certificates of educational qualification/income/caste/tribe/domicile, etc. Only the clear pass students of the previous class are eligible to apply for any scholarship.  

All India or other educational tours for the students of the college are organized during the winter as well as summer break so as to provide them an opportunity for exposure and self- learning.  Students who are regular in their attendance and have good conduct will be eligible for the educational tour. The notice in this regard, showing the exact tour route and expenditure to be incurred will be displayed at the time of tour programme probably in the November, 2016.The interested students whose names are recommended by their respective class teachers will have to deposit the requisite amount along with the written consent of their parents on the prescribed performa with the tour in charge. Subject excursions are arranged in the subjects where such excursions form the part of their syllabi. Eligibility conditions and other requirements are the same as for the annual educational tour. During excursion and educational tour, teachers will accompany the students. No tour/ excursion can be organized without accompanying of any teacher and prior permission of the College Administration.

This scheme is introduced for the benefit of the students from this session of 2016-17.Under this scheme for Natural/Accidental death i.e. in  case of any mishappening due to natural reasons or accidental cause , HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd.will provide an assured sum of Rs.100000/-[one lac only]towards insurance benefit. Under this policy if at any time the student sustains any bodily injury from any accident and that bodily injury results in death or total disablement, then the Insurance company will pay a sum of Rs.100000/-towards insurance benefit. Annual premium payable by the student is Rs.60/- and it will be charged at the time of admission

The college has its own website and face book page for providing all kinds of information and updates. For effective communication between office, staff, students and other stakeholders, the college is using all modern methods and processes. Communication is maintained through e-mails, SMSs, Whats app usage and digital display boards etc. for enhancing working efficiency, academic learning, sharing information as well as quick and effective communication. Whats app groups are constituted by various departments, clubs, societies or associations for academic learning and information sharing between the group members. The college also has its own website and face book pages which are regularly updated

A well-stocked library is an asset to every Educational Institution. The College Library in the newly constructed building is fully equipped with advanced technology and excellent facilities. The college library has a collection of more than 18000 books on various topics, subjects and events. New books are added from time to time. In addition to these we have 10 daily Newspapers, 51 Magazines and Journals. In recent years internet has revolutionized the concept of library. Therefore, college Library through INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network Centre of UGC) also provides online access to thousands of e-books, e-journals and online library to teachers and students.
Guidelines for the use of Library: Immediately after admission a student will have to collect library card from the college librarian or office on production of her/his fee receipt. The student has to get it signed in person by her /his tutor, librarian and finally by the Principal.Ordinarily two books are issued at a time for 14 days, but the Librarian has the right to recall the books at any time. Reference Books and Periodicals including Journals and Magazines are not issued.Student shall be responsible for the book as soon as it is issued to her/him. In case the book is defected or damaged in any way or lost, he/she has to either replace the book or pay fine equivalent to the latest market price of the book. In case of loss of library cum Identity card, its duplicate copy will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/- on production of copy of F.I.R. lodged with the police station.1
Soon after the admission to the college, the librarian will issue a student an Identity and Library Card. It is mandatory for all the students to have their Identity Card with them when they are in the college, and it must be produced when asked for by any member of the teaching staff. The identity Card is important document and should be kept with care. A fine of Rs. 20.00 will be charged for issuing a duplicate Identity Card.

A book bank has been set up in the college library so as to provide text books to the needy brilliant students. Books collected on the basis of donation are issued to the students keeping in view the stock available in the book bank.

RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES [Hostels & Staff Quarters]
The college has two hostels-one for the girls and one for boys.  Girls' hostel has a total capacity of accommodating 105 boarders and the boys' hostel has 90 boarders. Our hostels are well equipped with Computers, Sports facilities, Mess, Common Room, TV, and Library facility. Admission will be strictly on merit basis after filling the separate application form which can be obtained from college office. Although the hostels are meant for SC/ST students who are given preference, but if the seats are vacant students belonging to other categories can also seek admission to both the hostels. Application form along with prospectus will be available in the college office and can be produced on the payment of Rs. 100/- The application form complete in all respects should be submitted to the warden of the respective hostel by 30-06-2016. The candidate must be accompanied by her/his parent or guardian (in case parents are not alive) at the time of submission of the form. [For more details refer to the Hostel Prospectus].The college also has limited residential facilities for the teaching as well as the non-teaching staff.