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Research and Innovation

In order to promote and practice research and innovation practices in the college and also to develop problem solving and research aptitude amongst students so as to build suitable research environment, all the departments of the college are undertaking at least one theme or area for research. Students of the department are involved for the studies. Following are some themes/areas/topics on which various departments are working. Departments are free to take any of the topics of their choice but the topics are related to the local area concerned to our daily life.


Name of The Department

Suggested Theme or Topic


  • Study on apple marketing system in Rohru


  • Socio-Economic Study (Rohru Region)
  • Economics involved in Apple Cultivation

Political Science

  • Role of Youth in strengthing Political System
  • Political Awareness Amongst Youth of Rohru

Public Administration

  • Administrative Functioning of Govt. PG College, Seema


  • Relationship of Chemicals & Apples


  • Fauna of Pubber Valley Rohru or
  • Aquatic Fauna of Pubber Valley Rohru or
  • Some Genetic Study


  • Medicinal herbs of Pubber Valley Rohru
  • Flora of Pubber Valley Rohru
  • Role of temples/local deities in forest conservation
  • Study in Biodiversity of Pubber Valley Rohru


  • Study on wastage of energy
  • Transmission losses
  • Unnecessary Wastage
  • Faulty equipment etc


  • Crop Pattern in Rohru
  •  Socio-Economic Study
  •  Local geographical study
  • Topography & Geography of Seema College


  • Art & Culture of Pubber Valley Rohru
  •  Ancient Temples of Rohru Area
  •  Changing attitude of people of Rohru area towards religious faith
  •  Study of Shant, Bhunda etc.


  • Customs and Traditions of people of Rohru Area
  •  हिन्दी साहित्य के प्रति युवाओं में संवेदनशीलता
  • रोहडू क्षेत्र में प्रचलित लोकोक्तियाँ , पहाड़ी मुहावरों का उपयोग व प्रचलन


  • Use of Sanskritic Mantras in various religious or other occasions
  • Declining trends in use of Sanskrit
  • Study on Pahari Sanskriti of Pubber Valley Rohru



  • Orthodoxal practices in Pubber Valley Rohru
  • Sociological Study of people of Dodra-Kewar
  • Unique Sociological beliefs of Dodra Kewar
  • A study on Life/Living style of Shepherds


  • Mathematical aptitude amongst youths
  •  Marriage and Mathematics
  • Mathematics of typical marriage in Rohru area


  • Role of Media in Social Awareness, Media & Marketing


  • Reading habbits & reading trends amongst youths


  • Perception of youth towards Indian Classical Music
  • Musical Instruments of Pubber Valley Rohru
  •  Folk dances of Pubber Valley Rohru


  • Attitude of youths towards English
  • Awareness about English Literature
  • Obstackles in learning English, English & fear psychosis


  • ICT awareness among staff of the college
  • ICT awareness among students


  • Socio-Political-Environmental survey of Municipal Committee area of Rohru
  • Youth & Drug


  • Perceptions and attitude of Youths towards NCC

Scouts & Guides

  • Perceptions and attitude of Youths towards Scouts & Guides
Sports Physical Education   Scope of Adventure Sports in Chanshal Valley Rohru