OSA (Old Student Association)
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Political Science and Public administration association (PSPAA) is functional and operational in the college since 2006-07. This association initiated various activities including the starting of Farewell function to outgoing students of the college, organizing  general house for election of the Executive Committee (with a view to aware and educate students about election process), talks and discussion, seminars on various contemporary issues. During the session 2015-16 the association organized the following activities:

  1. A meeting of all the faculty members and students of the department of political science and public administration was held in the college auditorium on 15 august 2015. All the faculty members of both the departments and all the major and minor students were present in its general assembly meeting. The general house unanimously elected an executive body for the session 2015-16. Following were the elected as the office bearer of the PAPAA:


         President:                   Prof. P.D. Jagithta
Vice President            Nisha
General Secretary:     Amrita
Treasure: Priyanka
Advisory members:     Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma and Dr. Jai Parkash Sharma
Members:                   All the students of pol. Science and Pub. Add. (Major/ Minor)


  1. Human Rights Day Celebration: PSPAA organized National Human Rights Day function in the conference hall of the college. Hon’ble principal was the chief guest  and all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college was present. Prof. Ashwani Sharma , Dr. J.P. Sharma and  principal Dr.Pramod  gave Power Point Presentation On the Issues and Challenges of Human Rights in India and In The World . Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma and Prof. P.D.Jagithta also highlighted the importance of human Rights Education in educational institutions.


  1. Annual Youth Plenary: On 22nd March 2016 PSPAA organized “Annual Youth Plenary” with “Nationalism, Patriotism and Parliamentary Democracy” as it’s theme.  Prof. A. D. N. Bajpai, Vice Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University graced the function as the Chief Guest and Dr. Pramod Chauhan, Principal of the college was the Patron of this mega event. Following were the highlights of the function:
  1. Traditional Food Festival
  2. Poster Making, slogan writing, cartooning collage making (theme based)
  3. EVM demonstration
  4. Voter awareness counter and on the spot registration for voter cards
  5. Youth Parliament
  6. Open quiz on Indian Parliamentary democracy
  7. Pannel Discussion on “Youth and Politics”
  8. Skit on Voting Behavior at Grassroot level Politics (PRI)


Future Plans:

  1. PSPAA will Organise Awareness Programme in Panchayats on issues related to Rights, PRI’s, Women empowerment, Social Justice, Consumer Rights etc.
  2. Visit to Chanshal Pass and cleanliness drive with N.G.O’s and local administration.

            Report of “Annual Youth Plenary”

On 22nd March 2016 PSPAA organized “Annual Youth Plenary” with “Nationalism, Patriotism and Parliamentary Democracy” as its theme.  Prof. A. D. N. Bajpai, Vice Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University graced the function as the Chief Guest and Dr. Pramod Chauhan,  worthy Principal of the college  was the Patron of this mega event. The chief guest was warmly welcomed on his arrival  by the Principal at the college gate and was escorted to the auditorium by the entire college Family.

Chief guest was honored with the pinning up of rosset, Himachal cap and a shawl by the Principal. Mrs. Sadhna Bajpai, who was with Prof. Bajpai was also  honored By Kulluvi Shawl and was made the part of the event. Prof. P.D.Jagithta, The President of PSPAA formly welcomed the Chief guest on the behalf of PSPAA. Chief Guest started the function by Deep Prajwalan. Priyanka and Neha Briefed the Chief guest  and  other distinguisgshed guests about the theme and various items of the Programme.  
Various items on  Nationalism and Patriotism were presented by the students. Himachali song representing various districts was a spectacular glimpses of Himachali Culture. “Mere desh ki dharti”
And “Jai Ho” were the other songs on which students performed and filled the heart of everyone present in auditorium with nationalistic and patriotic feelings.

Youth Parliament was also dramatized by the student. All the current, national and international issues were taken up in the Question hour segment of the Parliamentary Proceedings. In the Zero hour of parliamentary process various speakers of the house shared their views on the “Role of Youth in Politics”

Open quiz was the other important segment of the programme  in which questions regarding Indian Parliamentary Democracy were asked from all the present in the auditorium. Everyone enjoyed this part of the event.

     Skit on the Voting Behaviour of the Rural Voters in PRI elections was  also appreciated by one and all present in the auditorium. The Skit throws the light on wrong practices evident at PRI level election in India especially in H.P. It was full of Knowledge and humor.

During the visit Chief Guest also visited the exhibition corner, where the various traditional food items were presented by the students and posters, slogans, cartoons and collage based on the theme (i.e. Indian Political system, voting behavior and Political awareness) were exhibited.

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was also demonstrated and on spot registration for voter cards was also provided by the PSPAA .

Chief Guest on his speech inspired the youth for being nationalist and patriotic in their day to day life as well. He emphasized that we can be true nationalist by respecting everything which belongs to our motherland.
The worthy principal sir also appealed to the youth for always be ready to the services of our country. Being the youngest country of the world Indian youth had a greater role to play for making India a world power. Principal sir also appreciated PSPAA for organizing  such a mege event in the college. He declared this as a historic event and as a new kind of trend setter in the college history.
Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma Prof. Jagithta and Dr. J.P. Sharma presented a beautiful TEMPLE TO THE Chief Guest as a Token of love on Behalf of PSPAA.
At last Dr. Gopal; Dutt Sharma pay vote of Thanks to the Chief Guest, and all the other distinguished guests on behalf of PSPAA for being part of this event and for making this a successful event.

By Singing of National Anthem the Program was officially ended and all the guests proceeded for lunch.