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Hostel is a second home of students and the hostel life of boarders is an important part of their life where they manage to survive away from parents and siblings, experience independent life, enlarge their prospect of activities and become skilled at to make their personal decisions.
The Jubilee boys hostel has been started from the academic session 2014-2015 advanced by the idea to make them more independent, self–determined person who would take the socio-cultural responsibilities of society by paying due respect to their parents, teachers, woman and all section of society as a complete man. Aware of the topography of this area, special needs and requirements of students who come from far flung areas of this center of learning, both hostels are trying to provide them a safe, secure and affordable space. There is a dedicated team of officials and workers to make the stay of Boarders comfortable and provide an ambience the, Home away from Home. Main focus of boy’s hostel is to provide an ideal atmosphere for a healthy, all round development of personality and a launching pad for a glorious career ahead. Boarders are encouraged to participate in educational, intellectual, cultural and social activities.

  • The Hostel Vision “A Top Class hostel in Himachal Pradesh” to produce well-disciplined, mannered and qualified individuals to society.
  • To produce graduates who are worthy in character and sound judgment.
  • To be the nationally known hostel with world class facilities capable of bringing transformation through education in the civilization and also to be responsive to the changing global trends.
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through education, awareness, creativity and innovative future plan.
  • To provide an affordable, accessible, and accountable higher education with comfortable stay in hostel
  •  To expand the frontiers of knowledge through the provision of excellent conditions for teaching-learning, co-curricular, sports and extension activities.


  • Provide ideal environment for higher learning to the boarders belonging in majority to rural areas which are socially, economically and educationally backward and falls in border area of Shimla district.
  • Create a congenial and disciplined environment having academic and spiritual ambience in the hostel and college campus which is the backbone of any civilized society.
  • Inspire young boarders to achieve academic excellence.
  • Equip all the boarders with the wisdom to lead their lives in a righteous and responsible manner.
  • Encourage and recognize talent in individual boarders.
  • Fostering a team spirit and encouraging a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Teaching them to adjust to the changing social milieu while not forgetting the traditional values.
  • Sensitizing them to reach out to the marginalized and the underprivileged.
  • Create awareness that education is a continuous quest.
  • Encourage co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to provide boarders a practical orientation and help them in developing a holistic and all-inclusive approach, with a widened outlook and broader understanding of life.
  • Exposing them to values that are eternal and nurturing them to become beacons of light and ambassadors of harmony.
  • To provide opportunities for educational, vocational, professional, social, linguistic and cultural development to the boarders of all abilities and backgrounds so that they can discover their potential and fulfil their aspirations.
  • Promote morality and sobriety of life.
  • Develop multidimensional personality of the boarders by providing an opportunity to participate in social, cultural, co-curricular, theatrical and literary and sports activities.
  • Constantly evolve, improve and update it to be one-upping against the challenges of a swiftly changing world environment with globalization and advancements in the social, technological, economical and political landscapes.
  • Adjusting the existing educational systems into a system that is universal and holistic.
  • Establishing viable and valuable linkage between hostel, college campus and community.
  • Promote the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Identification of area specific opportunities.
  • Value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity.
  • Instilling a sense of pride and achievement of personal accomplishment.
  • Building, enhancing and expanding capacities and capabilities of stake holders.
  • Prevention and prohibition of unfair practices in hostel.
  • Create infrastructure for transacting education through technology.
  • Leverage the potential of ICT in teaching and learning process for the benefit of all boarders. 
  • Address the regional backwardness in education.
  • Bridging Gender and Social Gaps.
  • Linking Higher Education to Society by strengthening hostel close linkages with the society and fostering social responsibility and engaging in community outreach programmes.
  • Integrate student voice as an element of policy thinking and offering opportunities for boarders to be represented in review, planning, policy making and decision making processes.
  • Encourage boarders to self-evaluation, accountability and innovations.
  • Continuously strive to materialize a "quantum jump" in achieving the triple objectives of access and expansion, equity and inclusion, and quality and excellence.

Boarder joining Jubilee Hostel Boys comes with a lot of expectations on his part. All of us have one thing in common, and that is to excel in studies and succeed in our life. We expect that in the hostel you will start lifelong friendships, and you will explore beyond the horizon of life which will make you confident, independent, and determined human being. We expect you to burn midnight oil and pass your college with flying colours.
As boarders pursue their studies, they will meet many challenges/opportunities that cause some men to break and others to break records, so the ball is in their court, will they break it or will break records.
Martin Luther King Jr once said and we quote The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of joy and comfort but where he stands in times of challenges and controversy.” The great men must go through challenges to become who they are in history e.g., (Mahatma Gandhi, A P J Abdul Kalam among others).
To become great requires self sacrifice and persistence as the saying goes, never, ever give up. Even when faced with insurmountable challenges, soldier on though the going might be tough at times.
One of boarder greatest challenge in Jubilee Hostel Boys is time management. We are living in a complex world with too many activities competing at the same time and time is the only resource equally given to all men and women.
Your success in life is determined on how well you spend your time. Poor time management could be a major source of stress, frustrations, conflicts and regrets in life.
In hostel we always prepare a time schedule on how to spend your time.
1.           Have a time schedule
2.           Get rid of unnecessary friends
3.           Stick to your routine
4.           Do not delay an action/procrastinate 
Make the most out of the time you have, because there will be no time.
You are here for a reason and a season to pursue your dreams. It is said that the poorest man on earth is a man without a dream and the most frustrated man on earth is a man with a dream that never becomes a reality. When the passion for your dream is unquenched then quitting is unthinkable and that makes victory inevitable. 
Do not lose focus of your dream even though the going may be tough.
  Remain focused and committed at all times.
We pledge to create conducive environment, provide the resources, and paying attention towards leadership for you to achieve your dreams.  We hope that the energy you have you shall use it to your best direction for the benefit of yourselves and others. We want you to thrive and succeed here, academically, socially and personally.
Principal:    Dr. Parmod Chauhan
3. Administrative Officers of Boys Hostel
DSW:  Assoct. Prof. B.S.Pirta
Warden Jubilee Boys Hostel-Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan


Boys Hostel Staff
Mr. Rattan Banshtu-   Night Attendant
Mrs. Vidhya-               Day Attendant
Mr. Raj Kumar-          Hostel cook
Mrs. Sunila-                Safai Karam Chari



Year of establishment

No. of Rooms

Size of Rooms

Capacity per Room

Boys Hostel

25th October 2013

5 additional rooms:
Computer room, Guest room, Sick room, Reading room and mini library.

(10*20) feet

(8*8) feet




The institute has magnificently designed hostel for boys with all modern facilities for boarding & other recreational activities. The hostel has its own mess to provide good & hygienic food to the boarders.

  • Rooms

Well furnished & specious rooms are there for 90 boys each. There are cubical as well as dormitories for students, each room is equipped with a bed, a study table, study chair and almirahs.

  • Mess and Dining Hall facility

It is maintained on co-operative basis so as to provide good & hygienic food. Inmates can enjoy delicious food in the dining hall of the capacity of 24 students.


  • Hostel has common room with the facility of LED, indoor games like chess, table tennis etc.
  • Bathroom with latest facility and proper maintenance of hygiene.
  • Computer room with Wi-Fi and Broad Band facility.


  • 24 hours’ electricity & water supply is available. Solar and electric water geysers facility is available to enjoy hot water bath in the morning.
  • RO+UV water purifier for drinking water and keep student health.
  • Well-equipped sick room, guest room and reading room.
  • Gym facility for girls and boys.
  • Various magazines and newspaper
  • CCTV camera facility is also available






Jubilee Hostel Boys celebrated fresher’s party on 11August 2015 as a gesture to welcome new students in the hostel . The fresher's day was a day that was filled with excitement joy, music, enthusiasm and happiness. The Chief Guest for the day was Dr. Parmod Chauhan Principal of college. The dress code for the fresher’s day was formal dress, suit and shervani and all the fresher’s were dressed in formals. The celebration started at 6:00 p.m with the opening prayer of saraswati maa and deep prajwalan done by the chief guest, other teachers and guests. The fresher’s were formally welcomed into the auditorium by senior students. Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan welcomed the chief guest, other guest and students and introduced everyone to the bright and glittery eve. The entire fresher’s were well dressed, conforming to the dress code and they were ready to perform. First of all, in the first round all the new students walked on the ramp and introduced themselves to the audience. Three judges were there to select best out of them. In the second round they showed their talent and performed dance and sang songs according to their test.
The judges for the modeling round were Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma, Associate. Prof. P.D. Jagithta and Associate. Prof. Deepika . Different cultural activities were performed by the seniors and they also selected tittles for their younger friends according to their personality. All the participants were eagerly waiting to know the results. The results were finally declared at the end of the different rounds. Boys bagged different titles on this eve.

  • Mr. Fresher – Vishal Negi
  • 1st Runners-up – Gulshan
  • 2nd Runners-up – Arjun Negi
  • Mr. Personality – Kanishk
  • Mr. Congenial -Gaurav

Chief guest Dr. Permod Chauhan addressed the new students and other guest and welcome the new students in the hostel family. He motivated students to participate in the different activities along with studies. He wished them good luck for their bright future. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks and all fresher’s thanked the warden Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan, senior students and hostel staff for hosting such a nice programme that they could cherish lifelong.   
2. Art of Living Course:


Art of Living Course
Art of Living “Happy Course” of six days was organized first time in auditorium of the college. 42 boarders of Jubilee Hostel Boys participated in this programme. It was held on 7september 2015 to 12 September 2015.  Mr Rohit Sharma and Akshay Sharma trained Art of living teachers supervised this course. It was organized under the guidance of Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan warden of the hostel. Throughout six days regular yoga practice, different exercise and meditation made students understand that peace could be found right within us and we can take a mini-vacation to experience this any time of the day. The deeper we move into this Yoga practice, the more profound are its benefits. “Sudarshan Kriya” brought about immense changes in the self belief of the students and motivated them to excel in their respective fields of life. Boarders completely realized the immense benefits of yoga which offer in uniting the body, mind and breath. Programme ended on a happy note and these lines of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji aptly fits here:
“Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life
in term of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are.”


3. Swachh Bharat Campaign



2nd October 2015 Swachh Bharat Campaign.
Jubilee Hostel Boys celebrated 2nd October 2015 as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and various cleanliness activities were performed by the boarders. Clean India was a dream seen by the Mahatma Gandhi regarding which he said that, “Sanitation is more important than independence.” This was the tribute to Mahatama Gandhi on his birthday anniversary by the boarders and hostel staff. Warden Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan delivered a lecture on this campaign and enhanced awareness about personal hygiene, sanitation and better water management. A campaign was organized in the college and hostel campus and it covered different areas such as:  library, play ground, toilets, gardens and auditorium. 42 students took active participation in this campaign and agreed with statement:
"A healthy country and a healthy society
need its citizens to be healthy and
clean in every walk of life”.







4. Quiz Competition:-
Jubilee hostel boys organized quiz competition on 16th October 2015 in hostel common room. Tree teams participated in the quiz contest: Rose Team; Tulip Team and Lilli Team. Head boy of the hostel Mr. Janak Sacktoo gave the opening speech and introduced members of the team. Then he called the quiz master Mr. Dev and Mr. Sumesh and they started reading out the rules to participants. Dr. Poonam Kimta Chachan Warden also witnessed this competition and encouraged participants to putting their spirit up and make good and healthy contest. There were four rounds and in the final round the Rose Team declared as the winner. The winners were given mementos, medals and gifts. Organizing Secretary Janak Secktoo thanked all the participants and warden ma’am. At that note the programme came to an end.

5. Declamation Contest:


Declamation Contest:

Jubilee Hostel Boys conducted a declamation contest for the boarders on same day. The students were encouraged to speak boldly and confidently. Warden ma'am and two senior students were the judge for the contest. The speeches on science and technology, science versus religion and computer virus were delivered effectively with in the allotted time. Ten boarders participated   in this contest and Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Divesh Mehta declared as a winner of the contest.

6. Group Discussion contest:


Group Discussion contest:
Jubilee Hostel Boys conducted Group Discussion on 26 November 2015 in the hostel common room. Students were divided into four groups and each group comprised 10 to 12 members. There was an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic students. The topic for discussion was “Reservation: blessing or curse in present scenario”. Its main object was to test the discussants knowledge of current affairs. Different rounds of group discussion were judged by the head boy of hostel, organizing secretary and warden with varying   formats and durations depending on the topic and the rounds in consideration. Tagore team won the group discussion contest and participants of winning team got prizes for their achievement. Group discussion ended with the note that this activity was enlightening, enriching, educational, entertaining and informative for the participants and organizers.






7. Annual Sports Day of Jubilee Hostel Boys 2015-16.



23 24


Annual Sports Day of Jubilee Hostel Boys:
Annual Sports Day celebration of Jubilee Hostel Boys was held on 22 Feb 2016 in college playground. The Principal Dr. Parmod Chauhan took the salute of the impressive March Past and oath taking ceremony took place. The inauguration commenced at 10:30 a.m. and it was followed by a welcome and inaugural speech given by Warden Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan.
Chief gust declared the sports day open. Once the game began, the air was filled with cheering and ton of encouragement for the young sports persons. The theme of this year was “Best of Jubileens” and each student of hostel took part and earned different places and medals for themselves.
25There were different activities or games organized for the students. Kabbadi, Volley ball, cricket, indoor games and tug- o- war were the main eye catchy games. Its main objective was to develop in the students a sporting spirit, a venue to display their physical power and gain hands on experience of organizing a sports day in hostel.
Hostel staff and invited teachers got fully involved to make the day a great success. Boarder of hostels divided into different teams and exciting and energetic names were given to each team.
Kabbadi -

  • Seven Star
  • Seven Devils
  • young India

And the winning team was Seven Star,
Volley ball there were three teams

  • Super Six
  • Dabbang Boys
  • Dandy Boys

And Super Six begged the first prize .
Cricket there were three teams again-

  • Super Hostel Boys.
  • Super Eleven
  • Eleven Stars

And Super Hostel Boys begged the first prize.
Sports referees were Assistant Prof. Deepika, Asstt. Prof. Sanjeev, Asstt. Prof. Seema and Asstt. Prof. Sunil victor and they guided all the sports events with their fair and unbiased judgment. Chief guest Dr. Parmod Chauhan in his speech stressed on the importance of sports spirit. He encouraged students to participate in sports because it is important for health and physic both . Medals and trophies were distributed to winners of the games. Finally, the day ended with national anthem and remained as a exciting day for boarders of Jubilee Hostel.
Organizing committee was-

  • Kanishk Bhardawj
  • Ashish Dhanta
  • Hemraj
  • Mukesh
  • Pankaj Kripta
  • Vishal Sethi
  • Janak Raj
  • Gulshan
  • Divesh






8. Farewell Party cum Annual Prize Distribution function 2015-2016


 Farewell Party cum Annual Prize Distribution function:
Jubilee Hostel Boys celebrated Farewell cum Annual Prize Distribution function on 21st march 2016 in college auditorium. Junior students bid farewell to the outgoing students of the hostel with great enthusiasm and off course nostalgia. Function began with a formal welcome of chief guest Dr. Parmod Chauhan principal of the college, guest of honour DSW Associate Professor B.S.Pirta, Dean of Academic Dr. J.R.Kashyap and teaching and non teaching faculty by the boarders of Jubilee Hostel Boys. All senior students got warm welcome and different traditional ceremonies were done by the junior students on the gate of the auditorium. Special invites for the programme was beautiful diva's of Girls Hostel. Warden Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan welcome chief guest, other guest, all the boarders of both hostels and introduced everyone with the charming and dazzling function.
Function began with Saraswati Vandana and lamp lighting ceremony was done by the chief guest principal Dr. Parmod Chauhan and he wished good luck to the outgoing students for their future and appreciated the efforts of junior boarders of hostel. Boarders presented very entertaining group dance, skit, one act play, solo dance and solo songs. Some exciting games were arranged (for special invitees’ of girl’s hostel and senior boarders of boy’s hostel) like musical chair, balloon blowing etc. were enjoyed by all. Different titles and gifts were given to the senior students by junior boarders.
Students got prizes for their participation in different activities of sports, art and craft throughout the session 2015 -16.
They were also awarded 1st 2nd 3rd prize for their academic achievements.


Boys also rewarded for their individual talents such as -

28Best Active Boys   

  • Lakshman
  • 29Vishal Sethi
  • Gaurav      

Best Studies Boys

  • Mukesh
  • Himanshu Thakur
  • Ashish Dhanta

Naughty Boy

  • Gulshan

Spiritual Boy

  • Kanishk

Innocent Boy

  • Achin

Best Artists

  • Himanshu
  • Gulshan
  • Ankush
  • Himanshu Thakur
  • Vishal Sethi


  • Best Room 9
  • Top floor Room 2

Well Discipline Boy of the Hostel

  • Sumesh
  • Lakshman

Best Dancer

  • Pahari – Gulshun
  • Punjabi – Arjun

Descent Boy

  • Rohit

Well- Dress up

  • Janak
  • Ankush Kamalta
  • Kanishk
  • Vabhave

Talkative Boy

  • Hemraj

Best Athlet

  • Pankaj Kripta

The celebration ended with vote of thanks.



















9. Yoga Camp:

Yoga Camp
6 days Yoga Camp was organized from 4th to 9th April for boarders of Jubilee Hostel Boys. Yoga instructor Associate Professor B.S. Pirta taught students about Yogeka kriyas, Asans and benefits of doing exercises and meditation. The practice of breathing techniques Pranayam taught the evolution of the individual by the development of discipline and self awareness. He taught that, “Yoga helps to discipline our sense of power with the power of our own.” On the last day, boarders promised that they would practice yoga in daily life and would remained be active, calm in the most positive sense and to work for the welfare of all of mankind


Birthday Celebration in Hostel:



It is our sincere hope that boarders will surely fit in Jubilee boys hostel family and relate well with everybody as they pursue their career and life.