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    The medium of which speaks of diverse linguistic backgrounds communicate their thoughts and feelings to others, the tool with  which they conduct their business on the gout of millions of the people the vehicle by which has been transmitted the science, the philosophy, the poetry of the culture is surely worth of study.
    English, being one of the most important languages of the world, has great political, economical and social implications. Spoken by a wide variety of people, this language has established itself a bridge that units the two hemispheres and binds the east and the west.   In the global world of today business is conducted in English language, science and technology is propagated in it, literary and philosophical attainments are preserved and spread through this language. The knowledge of English language makes a person a global citizen.
    The Department of English: at Govt. P. G. College Seema. 
    Fully comprehending the benefits of English language in the present and future, the teaching of English started from 1988. The department of English language came in existence with the inception of the college in 1988. At present the department is housed in the Science Block of the college and five posts of English Professors have been sanctioned for effective teaching of the subject.
    The department creates, conveys and applies knowledge and language skills to help in the holistic developments of individuals, expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life through its focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery and outreach and collaboration.
    The department offers degrees of undergraduate and postgraduate level sand also provides Diploma and Certificate in Functional English under Add –on Course. All courses focus on the pleasures and challenges of interpretation, reading and writing across the globe, and across visual, electronic and print media. These courses expand and deepen our students’ understanding of what counts as “English Literature.”
    Above all, language laboratory has been set up in the dept. where students can learn to speak and write English language with the help of computer, software, headphone etc. 



    Sr. No.

    Name of the Teacher

    Educational Qualification


    Ms. Arti Mehta

    M. A., M. Phil


    Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan

    M. A., M. Phil & Ph.D


    Vandana Bhandari

    M. A., M. Phil, SET



    M. A., M. Phil, SET


    Sanjeev Kumar

    M. A., M. Phil, NET & SET


    • To work passionately with the vision of producing graduates and post graduates who are skilled in the universal language. 
    • To achieve academic excellence in language and literature by imparting in depth knowledge to students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever changing global and societal needs.     
    • To equip students with knowledge stored in various literary genres that shall make them better human beings.
    • To emphasize close student – faculty relationships and the development of individual artistic sensibilities.


    • To facilitate the acquisition of communication skills with a humanistic approach. 
    • To develop in the students a love and liking for Grammar, English language and literature.
    • To inspire students to achieve academic excellence
    • To promote spirit of co- operation especially by organizing the group discussions and debate.
    • To develop and honed the critical and creative skills of the students
    • To instil a spirit of inquiry in the students.


    • Well qualified staff with absolute dedication to welfare of the students.
    • Use of modern teaching aids and practices.
    • Our students are well prepared to read, write, analyze, argue, prove and respond.

    The department caters to students with strong Hindi background who lack basic knowledge of English language and its syntax. 

    • In order to equipped students with the knowledge of the universal knowledge the teachers and students can engage in innovative and creative give and take of English language and literature.
    • Studying English prepares a student for a diverse range of professional fields including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, fine arts etc.
    • The dept. provides platforms to the students to express themselves freely and fearlessly so as to improve their linguistic skills.


    • To reduce the fear of English language in students and to develop their interest in English literature.
    •  To motivate students to choose English as major subject.
    •  To find out ways to make innovation and creativity an integral part of teaching learning process. 
    • To develop critical abilities in students with special emphasis on improvement of their grades in English.  


    • To promote research based projects/ activities to develop department as center of excellence for research.
    • Modifying and updating teaching methods in keeping with challenges and demands of the teaching of English as a second language especially to the learners of the disadvantaged sections.
    • Imparting knowledge through language laboratory
    • Promoting research in emerging areas such as online media and blended learning.
    • To develop the department as a center of excellence for language teaching.

    The department of English also runs a club, “English Literary Club” in order to ensure the all round development of the students.
    List of Activities Organized and Conducted by the Department:-

    • A Seminar on Role of English Language in Econo- Technical Advancement of India on dated 12th October 2012
    • A Quiz on Renaissance on 9th November 2012.
    • One day seminar on 12th August 2013 on the topic Evolution of Indian English Novel
    • A Quiz on English – the Lingua Franca of India on October 14,2013.
    • A Seminar on Creative Writing on dated 11th July 2014
    • A group discussion on 11th September 2014 on the theme Indian English Novel: An Expression of Native Experiences and Sensibility.
    • A Seminar on English Loses its Shine and Importance in RUSA on 6th October 2015
    • A seminar on Set Goals and Achieve Them on 10th September 2015
    • A Seminar on English: Source of Employment in Multi National Company on 17th March 2016.
    • One day special programme on 20th Feb 2016 on the topic Proverbs Speaks the Truth.
    • Formation of Executive body of the English Literary Club on August 08, 2015.





    In the colleges of Himachal Pradesh state Government has implemented Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) under RashtriyaUchchtarShikshaAbhiyan (RUSA), an initiative of the Union Ministry of Human Resource and Development, from the academic session 2013- 2014. The CBCS gives ample importance to the extra- curricular activities for nurturing the personality of the students.
    In order to achieve the essence of the new system of education, the Principal of Govt. P. G. College Rohroo, Seema, has formed many clubs and societies in the college. The English Literary Club is one of the clubs of our college which was formed onAugust 08, 2015with the aim to inculcate among students a fondness for language and essence their literary skills the club is committed to provide settings where students can express themselves freely, can be engaged in group interactions and can benefit from group thinking. It also provides with a foundation in communication theory and practice that prepares them with effective communication skills to enhance their academic, personal and professional lives.
    This club is the largest group of students and teachers.  It is consisted of more than 150 students and members of the faculty of English

    • Convenor:4
       The Dept. of English chaired by Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan along with Assistant Professor Deepika, Assistant Professor Vandana Bhandari, Assistant Professor Seema and Assistant Professor Sanjeev Justa.
    • Executive Body:


    Patron:                                   Principal Dr. Parmod Chauhan
    Registrar:                               Dr. Gopal Dutt Sharma
    President        :                       Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan

    The first meeting was held on the very first day of its formation and the members/ leaders of the executive body were elected among students as follows:
    Vice President:                      Divya Jyoti Dulta
    General Secretary:                Nidhi Nainta
    Joint Secretary:                     Pankaj Kumar
    Treasurer:                              Nikita
    Suresh Kumar
    Punkaj Kumar
    The Membership of the Club is compulsory for all students of Post Graduate and Under Graduate having English subject as a major / minor. At the same time membership is open to all students who are interested.

    Aims and Objectives
    The Club aims at developing student’s interest in reading. It desires to foster love for English books and literature in students. It has endless objectives in service to the student’s community. Some of its objectives are as follows:

    • The focus of the Club is on educating spoken and written language of students. Itn plans to provide such opportunities to the students where they can naturalize English language and enjoy its complexities.
    • The Club intends to provide group- oriented literary activities. Authentic conversation among students shall raise their confidence and they shall learn the value of working in and as a group.
    • The Club desires to develop the critic in the readers. The students freely express curiosity regarding a book and they are provided freedom to raise questions about various aspects of the text. Multiple responses by other participants of the Club shall lead to authentic meaning- making.
    • The club wishes to cultivate in students the ability to appreciate. It is hoped that the readers shall be able to appreciate different types of literature and the participants of a group shall cherish the perspectives offered by others.
    • The activities of the Club are directed towards increasing knowledge of students about writers, their works, the various kinds of literature and the literary theories. It is desired that students will benefit from richness of ideas stored in vast body of English literature.

    The Club Activities
    The literary activities undertaken by the Club include:

    • Group Discussion
    • Debate
    • General Quiz
    • Book Discussion
    • Aimless Extempore
    • Declamation
    • Essay Writing
    • Poetry Recitation
    • Elocution
    • Chart Making Competition
    • Skit
    •  Role Playing Activities
    • Quotation writing
    • Paper Presentation







    Activities conducted by the Club:
    The club in association with Dept. of English organized a one day seminar on Role of English Language in Globalizing the World on August 27, 2015.

    8  9

      Chart Making and Quotation Writing Competition was held by the Club on October 8, 2015.Group Discussion session was also held on the same date.




    12  13


    Set Goals and Achieve Them
    11th Sep. 2015
    Department of English of Govt. P.G. College Seema conducted counseling session for students of Add on Courses, BCA, MA English on 10th September 2015 in Hall No. 2. The main topic for discussion was “Set Goals and Achieve Them.” 30 students were participated and 105 attended this session. To explore many ways of setting and pursuing goals all the staff members of English department were present them.   There was a open debate between students and teachers on this topic. Teachers advised students that goal   seeking is a powerful process for thinking about their ideal future and for motivating themselves to turn their vision of future into reality. It was discussed that every individual should set his/her goals in some of the following categories: career, finance, education, facility, attitude, health and pleasure. Few methods were discussed to set the goals and achieve them.

    • Decide what you what you want to achieve in your life.
    • Motivate yourself
    • Building your self- confidence.

    All students were keen to adopt these techniques in their life. They got motivation from this session to achieve their aspiration. This session taught them that goals will changes as time goes on and it should be adjusted regularly to reflect growth in knowledge and experience.
    Organizing Secretary Miss Neha Azad thanked all the students and teachers and on that note session came to an end.  H.O.D.  Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan, Assistant Professor Vandana Bhandari, Assistant Professor Deepika, Assistant Professor Seema and Assistant Professor Sanjeev witnessed the session.
    English Loses its Shine and Importance in RUSA

    Dated: 7th October 2015
    Department of English organized one day seminar on English Loses its Shine and Importance in RUSA on 6th October 2015 in the Conference Hall. This seminar aimed to show the importance and the analyses of the English in present RUSA system. 20 students present their paper in this seminar and more than 55 students of English attended it. RUSA system is adopted by HPU in 2013 to provide inter- disciplinary quality in higher education. Students expressed their views that English language used to be compulsory subject in the old system has lost its shine and sheen in present system. It is no more completely compulsory throughout the undergraduate courses. Students have lost their interest in English course and particular in rural areas these were many who thought that learning of English is a waste of time. The house were open for discussion and students and teachers expressed their different opinion on RUSA system and its pros and cons.
    All the teachers of department of English and other teaching staff and students agreed on the point that it is a demolishing of English language when it no longer is taught to younger generation.
    Different suggestions were given to improve the status of English in Himachal Pradesh. The winners of paper presentation got mementos and medals for their contribution and that note the seminar came to an end.
    “The English language is an advanced and flexible one and its teaching should not be discarded together. India cannot afford to ignore this language.    


    Proverbs Speaks the Truth
    Dated: 21st Feb. 2016
    Department of English of Govt. P G College Seema organized one day special programme on 20th Feb 2016 in hall No. 3. It was conducted for Add- on English, BCA, BA and MA students on the topic Proverbs Speaks the Truth which indicated that proverb is a short and well known saying that expresses a common truth or belief.  H.O. D. Dr. Poonam Chauhan Kimta addressed the students and participants about the fact that proverbs are popular around the world and it gives advice about how to live. 50 students participated in this programme and each student got 20 -  25 proverbs for exercise.  They all tried hard to find out the meaning of different proverbs given to them for example the pen is mightier than the sword, insult can be more hurtful than physical injuries etc.  The programme was supervised by Assistant Professor   Vandana Bhandari, Assistant Professor   Seema and Assistant Professor   Sanjeev .
    Finally, through this programme students understand that it desired our careful attention and application. It was a motivational programme for English students and they expressed themselves freely Assistant Professor Deepika thanked all the students and teaching staff for their support and presence in the programme. 

    English: Source of Employment in Multi National Company

    Dated: March 18th 2016

    Department of English organized one day seminar on English: Source of employment in Multi National Company on 17th March 2016 in English Lab. It aimed to highlight the importance of English of employment and progress of the country.
    Twenty five participants expressed their views on this topic and majority of people agreed that English is now the global language of business. More and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language. During discussion the participants and teaching staff acknowledged the importance of English in IT, space, computer and economics
    Students have earned a reputation, a name in multinational due to study of English. Students presented their data about English usages that English is spoken at a useful by some 1.75 billion people worldwide- that’s one in every four of us.
    The focus of this seminar was to recognize the importance of English language in the field of employment and best jobs would be attend only to those with strong skills. Students were encouraged to improve their language. This seminar ended with the note that it was enlightening, enriching importance for the participants, teachers and organizers.
    All the teachers of the dept. of English were present on this occasion. Nidhi Nainta, Ambika, Neha Azad Pooja, Anand, Pankaj and Raksha won the mementos and prizes for their excellent presentation.  
    Role of English Language in globalizing the world
    On Thursday, August 27, 2015
    The English Department of Govt. P. G. College Seema organized a one day seminar on “Role of English Language in globalizing the world.” The highlight of the seminar was the formation of English Literary Club in which all the students of major/ minor English (all semester) and MA English became the members of this newly formed Club.
    This seminar was conducted to energize and boost the students to improve their communication skills. The first step of learning the communication skill is a good listener and a good reader. Therefore, in this seminar the students were invited to read the papers based on the importance and different aspects of English language in today’s world.
    There was huge response by the students to learn their first step of personality development. 17 students read their papers on the topics provided under the umbrella term “Role of English Language in globalizing the world.”
    The whole faculty of English Department, Dr. Poonam Chauhan (HoD), Assistant Professor Deepika, Assistant Professor Vandana Bhandari, Assistant Professor Seema and Assistant Professor Sanjeev Justa were present in the seminar hall to boost the students in their overall seminar personality development. The students responded with their full applaud and learnt the first step of expression as reading and leaning. 


    Students Participated in Group Discussion and Chart Making

    Date: Friday, October 9, 2015 
    The fact that social media is having a significant impact on the everyday life is undisputed. It is for this reason that The English Literary Club organized a seminar on “Role of Social Media and its Merits and Demerits.” The event was held on October 8, 2015 in the Science Block, Hall No. 3 at 12:00 o’clock. It was attended by nearly 150 students from PG and UG classes of the college. The event was chaired by Dr. Poonam Kimta Chauhan who was accompanied by Sanjeev Justa. The aim of the event was to introduce social media, to explain some of the jargon and issues around social media and social networking.
    The entire session was followed by a group discussion on social media, discourse on author, chart making and quotation writing competition along with question answer round on various aspects of social media.
    The effort enabled students to understand how controlled and balanced approach to social media can help to avoid its negative impact on health, career and personality.
    The participants shared their experiences and ideas about role and impact of social media in life through group discussion, charts and quotation writing. Students seemed very involved with the activities of the Club and also seemed very satisfied with the content.