OSA (Old Student Association)
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In order to promote and practice research and innovation in the college various departments have undertaken the task of studying the areas of their interests. In compliance to the direction of the Principal the departments are keenly encouraging their students to get involved in conducting systematic research.
A State Level Discourse on Significance of Manuscript of HP: Select Reference to Pabbar Region, Rohru was organized by the Department on 15 March 2016. Scholarslike Dr. Surat Thakur, Deepak Sharma and G. R. Sharma, from different part of the State took part in the Discourse. The event gave the students of history an opportunity to explore the historical significance of their cultural heritage and they proudly narrated their findings to the present audience.
National Science Day was celebrated on 29 Feb 2016   by the Science Faculty of the college. On this occasion the science students gave presentations on different topics and a poster making competition was held. An exhibition by the science faculty was also organized.
Organized an exhibition on the National Science Day.
Organized seminars on the topics “Manushay Jeevan Mein Sangeet Ka Mahtav” and “Folk Music of Pabber Valley” on 1st August 2015 and 9th April 2016 respectively.
Organized a talk on Black Money and Corruption on 26th August 2015.

  • To incorporate the management thoughts, ideas and communication skills among students the dept. organized seminar on the following topics:
  • SEBI and Financial Planning on 22 -07- 2015.
  • Online Marketing on 28-07 2015.
  • Strategic Decision Making on31-07-2015.
  • Effective Management Skill on 18-08-2015.
  • To convey the benefits of Meditation to the students a workshop on Meditation and Personality Disorder was organized on 20th August 2015. A team of Prajapti Brahama Kumari Ishwariya Vishawa vidhyalya Mount Abu, Rajasthan addressed the students for the same.

To improve and enhance all skills of language, Dept. of English has completely stressed on career oriented courses and Add –on – Courses in Certificate and Diploma and Communicative English for BCA students. Different seminar and counseling sessions were held to guide and educate students. List of sessions organized as follows: 

  • Set Goals and Achieve Them on 10th Sep. 2015.
  • English Lost its Shine and Importance in RUSA: Pros and Cons on 6th Oct. 2015.
  • Proverbs Speak the Truth on 29th Feb 2016.
  • English: Source of Employment in Multi- National Company on 17th March 2016.

On 8th September 2015 the dept. organized a seminar on the topic “Hamara Abhimaan Hai Hindi: Bharat Ki Shaan Hai Hindi.” 
Organized two day seminar on “IT Awareness” on 23th and 24th July 2015. 
Provided IT training to the teachers to master the technical skills required to manage the Smart Classroom effectively. Along with this the Dept. provides basic IT training to the college students twice in a week.    
12 August 2015 was celebrated as the Librarian’s Day. Quotation writing and chart making competitions were organized on this day. Through the exhibition- cum- sale of old magazine an amount of Rs 4389 was collected for the library.

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Mahinder Singh organized one week Science Study tour to Bharam Sarovar (Kurukshetra), Akshadhaam (Delhi), Mathura, Fatepur Sikri, Agra, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaypur, Mount Abu from 01-10-2015 to 07-10- 2015.
  • An educational tour to Trout Fish Farm Dhamwari was organized on 12th March 2016 by Dept. of Zoology (Young Biologist Association).

These activities are unique aspect of the educational aspect of the educational experience that the college offers to its students. They aim at developing and individual’s academic as well as social skills. The college provides its students’ the stage for communicating with the distinguished visitors like Honorable Vice Chancellor of HPU, Professor A D N Bajpai; DC district Shimla, Rohan Chand Thakur; Joint Director of Higher Education, Dr. B. L. Vinta, eminent  sports administrator and player Sh.  HC Pathik and horticulture expert Dr. Narender KaithSuch interactions and collaborations with other institutions like TERI, KVK, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Agriculture and Horticulture Departments, Local Schools, Colleges and Panchayats have proven beneficial to our students. Along with this these activities are directed towards strengthening constructive interaction between students and the society. Through many of these activates the college works incessantly for enhancing social awareness and promoting the well-being of all.